The Federal Government has begun to roll out its Family Benefit Part A funding package for over 1.3 million Australian families. The funding will see families receive $409 per child in primary school and $818 for each child in high school.


The payment will be paid directly family bank accounts as part of the transition from the Education Tax Refund to the new Schoolkids Bonus. The bonus will see an estimated 2.2 milllion students benefit from the funding.


The Government announced the transition to the new scheme after modeling showed that 80 per cent of eligible families were not claiming under the Education Tax Refund system.


The new scheme will see families automatically paid twice a year before school goes back for Terms 1 and 3.


Eligible families will receive $410 for children in primary school (two instalments of $205), and $820 for children in full-time secondary study (two instalments of $410).