The Robogals team has again brought a taste of the thrills and challenges in the world of engineering to regional high school students in Western Australia.

The Mid West Youth Science forum has concluded over the weekend after a special event saw the group address over 100 female students from the Geraldton area. Robogals is a student-run group which aims to address the gender disparity and increase numbers in the engineering and science fields by inspiring young girls to get involved.

This year the Robogals showed Geraldton students some possibilities in science and engineering using robotics kits, games and presentations. There was a talk from the team on recent research showing the different ways males and females learn, and how girls can avoid being pushed to the back by boys' aggressive learning style.

The president for the West Australian chapter of the Robogals said the group was buoyed by their tours so far this year, drawing close to their target number of students reached.

“All three times we have been to Geraldton the reception has been amazing and we are always blown away by how keen the students and teachers are,” Robogals president Caitlin Burke says, “we set ourselves a goal of seeing 1200 girls this year and we’re currently sitting on 1108 girls which is 92 per cent of the way.”

Robogals regularly takes its drive for more young women in engineering and technological roles around the country; to get involved, find out where they will appear next or organise a workshop, visits the Robogals page.