The Federal Government has welcomed a new report that shows that more students from regional areas and disadvantaged backgrounds are at university than ever before, and more students are securing their first choice of study.


The Undergraduate Applications, Offers and Acceptances 2012 report shows that offers to Indigenous studnets increased by over 14 per cent over the last year, while offers to people from low SES backgrounds increased by just over 5 per cent.


The report also reveals that more students are enrolling in study courses in areas of high skills demand.


Health related courses recorded the largest increase in offers, growing by more than 10 per cent, followed by engineering at 7.6 per cent; and Natural and Physical Sciences by 6.5 per cent.


Federal Minister for Tertiary Education, Senator Chris Evans, said that the report showed the effectiveness of the Government’s higher education reform.


"This is concrete evidence that we are on the right track by creating universities that are more accessible and producing quality graduates in areas of high industry demand," Senator Evans said.


"Around 11,000 more offers were made this year compared to 2011 - meaning more Australians are getting the skills they need to fill the jobs of tomorrow.


"We are proud that our reforms are breaking down the barriers to university for more Australians to participate in higher education, especially students from regional areas."