The Queensland Teachers' Union (QTU) has announced it has accepted the State Government's proposed 2.7 per cent pay increase every year for the next three years.


State Minister for Education, John-Paul Langbroek, said the QUT's vote was a win-win for all parties concerned.


“This agreement follows three months of intense negotiations with the Queensland Teachers’ Union that has resulted in overwhelming support from a valid majority of state school teachers.


“It will be good to put these negotiations behind us now and get on with the job of improving educational outcomes in Queensland schools.”


Mr Langbroek said almost 95 per cent of teachers recorded their support for the agreement, which already had ‘in principle’ endorsement from senior union officials.


“More than 19,000 Queensland state school teachers submitted a valid return during the balloting period 31 October to 15 November,” he said.


Mr Langbroek said the salary increase would be back dated to 1 September 2012 once the agreement had been certified by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.