The Queensland Government has outlined its planned revitalisation of the State’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.


Minister for Education and Training, John Paul-Langbroek, released the plan, which was formed on the basis of the main recommendations of the Skills and Training Taskforce Report handed down in early November.


Mr Langbroek  said the Government fully accepted 35 of the Taskforce’s 40 recommendations, with the remaining five receiving in-principle support.


“This Government response demonstrates that for the first time in decades Queensland’s VET system will be viable and meet the needs of our state’s economy,” Mr Langbroek said.


Mr Langbroek said the Taskforce Report highlighted the systemic problems in TAFE and the need for urgent action to ensure this vital public provider thrives in the future.


“Our goal is to increase participation in training in order to boost Queensland’s productivity and stimulate economic growth,” he said.


“This can’t be achieved unless we modernise TAFE facilities and free up institutions to offer more flexible learning by overhauling industrial arrangements.”


Mr Langbroek said that the State Government will release a detailed five-year implementation plan for skills and training in the first half of 2013.