$41 million in funding is being allocated to up to 29,000 Queensland school students with disabilities. The Gillard Governement’s More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative will provide greater access to classroom support and specialized equipment.


This will enable students with disabilities to finish their schooling and secure a job.


“Parents, carers, teachers and health specialists in QLD and around the country have been calling for action to help students with disability stay in school and get the best education possible,” said School Education Minister Peter Garrett.


“This funding, part of our overall $200 million national initiative, will provide much-needed specialist support and assistance to many thousands of students in government, independent and Catholic schools across the state.”


Under the More Support for Students with Disabilities initiative, QLD students and schools will receive:


  • $1.8 million to pay for allied health services in up to 100 schools, such as occupational therapists, audiologists, nurses, psychologists and speech pathologists
  • $8.9 million to help employ 450 new teacher aides or train existing aides
  • $15 million to train up to 1250 staff in adapting their curriculum to the needs of students with disability, including individualised learning plans
  • funding for up to 185 students in Catholic schools to participate in work readiness programs and work placements
  • more options for assistive technology and ‘hands on’ courses for teachers;
  • training for teachers to strengthen their skills in classroom assistive technology, for example, to support students with learning disability such as dyslexia
  • more support for classroom teachers to undertake post graduate study in the area of special education.