A generous new industrial relations bill has passed Queensland Parliament.

The new deal includes an Easter Sunday public holiday, paid domestic violence leave and the reinstatement of collective bargaining for state public servants and council employees.

Collective bargaining will return as a cornerstone for setting wages and conditions.

The bill also removes a requirement imposed by the former LNP government, which required unions to advise members how funds including donations are spent.

Ten days' paid leave will now be provided for victims of domestic and family violence, alongside new anti-bullying protections and new rights for workers to request flexible work arrangements.

The Queensland bill also makes it easier for part-time and casual public servants to secure full-time positions.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the broke down some of the previous LNP Government’s extreme and unfair IR legislation.

“The LNP never saw a public sector worker they didn't want to attack, or a hard-fought entitlement they didn't want to strip away,” she said.

“I'm particularly proud that the bill provides an entitlement of 10 days' paid leave for victims of domestic and family violence.

“This is the first time in Australian history that there is a legislated entitlement for victims of domestic violence.”

The IR bill needed crossbench support to pass, with opposition industrial relations spokesman Jarrod Bleijie saying it was little more than a gift to the unions.

“This is a sick attempt to support union bullying in the workplace and to empower union executives to impose their mentality and an enterprise bargaining monopoly on a wider section of the workforce,” he said.

Mr Bleijie said having Easter Sunday as a public holiday would hurt businesses.

“The additional cost in wages to Queensland businesses alone will be at least $53 million,” he said.

“This was a thousand-page document wrapped up in a big red and green bow given straight to the union movement and it was 'ho ho ho, merry Christmas', all the union dues have been paid this year from the Labor party.”