Final exams may be conducted online as one state moves its testing into the digital age.

The Victorian State Government is planning a new streamlined examination system which would see all assessment moved to an internet form. The scheme will be tested on primary school English and Maths tests sometime soon, with a view to conducting even the final year 12 exams online.

The early stages of the idea have gained support from the Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals (VASSP), providing it is adequately funded by the Government.

VAASP President Frank Sal says its all good if school are not left holding the bag.

“We are really concerned that we'll end up with a situation where there are announcements made that we've got online testing and at the same time schools are having to wear more and more of the cost, with money that they don't have,” he said.

Education Minister Martin Dixon says it is a great idea which will have numerous benefits, and appropriate safeguards as well.

“We think it's very natural that the assessments, even VCE assessments, end up online,” Mr Dixon said.

“Security of assessment is very, very important, especially in the later years and especially in the VCE.

“They're pretty high stakes and its important that we get that right, right from the start,” he said.

Mr Dixon says it will end some annoyance for the state's teachers.

“Rather than have assessment tools all over the web, teachers having to find them, we want to bring them to the one location,” he said.