Marine scientists have launched Seamap Australia, an internet portal that provides an extensive collection of seafloor habitat data,

Seamap Australia is designed to serve as a centralised mapping platform that seamlessly integrates large-scale data streams sourced from national research aggregators throughout Australia. 

With its visual interface, users can interact with the data in unprecedented ways, offering a unique and engaging experience.

For instance, individuals interested in observing videos of fish feeding on bait beds can simply click on specific points on the Australian map within the portal and gain access to captivating video clips showcasing fish indulging in their underwater feast, all in real-time. 

The immersive tool allows researchers and enthusiasts alike to explore the hidden depths of Australia's marine ecosystems.

While it is entertaining to use, Seamap is likely to play a role in identifying vulnerable seafloor habitats susceptible to marine pests, as well as locating rare and ecologically significant hotspots. 

It could also help in assessing environmental impacts prior to approving developments such as oil and gas projects.