Charles Darwin University has appointed a new chief for rural campuses across the Northern Territory.

Mr Ash Beechey has replaced former director Jill Kennedy, and has met his Katherine-based staff for the first time this week

Mr Beechey will also lead the School of Primary Industries.

The new boss says he probably will not make major management changes just yet.

“In the short-term I haven't got any particular plans for changes,” he said in an interview for the ABC.

“There is a very strong team of people running both operations at the moment, and enrolments in the apprentice programs have increased quite dramatically over the last 12 months.

“So at the moment we are at a bit of status quo, seeing how things go for the next couple of months before I look to make changes, if any.”

Mr Beechey formerly worked as an executive officer for the Purnululu World Heritage Area.

He says wants to boost Charles Darwin’s links with local industries.

“I've lived across the Top End for about eight years, and thought taking on a role with CDU was a good way of getting involved in the education sector, and really help develop relationships with other departments and industry I've been involved with,” he said.

“Most recently I've been working with some of the big mining companies, and so I would be interested to see what relationships we can't build with those, and other developments around Katherine.”

He will fulfil the role across campuses at Katherine and Mataranka.