The NBN’s second Sky Muster satellite has launched, on its way to bringing more coverage to some of our most internet-starved areas.

But the launch comes as NBN recovers from the “temporary outage” of its first Sky Muster satellite, sparking a large number of complaints.  

Kristy Sparrow from the Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia has told reporters that a lot number of people were knocked offline.

“There's been numerous problems from no connection at all,” she said.

“There's also been people that can't get enough speed to do anything and others who haven't been able to connect to internet websites like internet banking.

“People are beyond frustrated.

“[Sky Muster] was sold to them as a game changer, and yet, in reality, that's not what we're receiving.”

NBN has issued a statement saying the issues have been resolved.

“Sky Muster services were affected by a temporary outage last week. This has now been resolved,” the statement said

The company is not letting it distract from the successful launch of Sky Muster II.

The 6-tonne satellite is set to orbit the Earth at speeds of up to 28,000km/h, staying largely in place above Australia. It will link up with 24 dishes at 10 sites across Australia and five surrounding islands.

When they are both operational, the satellites will provide long-term satellite service (LTSS) access to the NBN for 400,000 premises, with a total capacity of 135Gbps.