The Federal Government has released for public comment a Green Paper for the National Career Development Strategy  that aims to help Australians build more productive and rewarding careers.


The Minister for Youth Peter Garrett said the Green Paper had been developed following extensive consultation with state and territory governments, universities, the vocational education and training sector, career development practitioners and the community.


“We are now seeking further input from the community on the Green Paper before finalising the National Career Development Strategy, enabling us to support more Australians to build careers which are not just meaningful, but which support our economy.”


Mr Garrett said the nation’s future prosperity relies on matching the skills and career aspirations of Australians with the needs of businesses.


“This means we need to act to ensure that as many Australians as possible pursue careers in high-skill, high paying jobs,” he said.


“This Green Paper, part of the Government’s National Partnership on Youth Attainment and Transitions, outlines how a National Career Development Strategy will help in the provision of quality and equitable access to career support for all Australians.”


Mr Garrett said the success  of the Green Paper will depend on active involvement from state and territory governments, employers and the career development industry.”


Individuals and organisations are invited to comment on the National Career Development Strategy Green Paper via an online submission process. 


For more information and to make a submission to the Green Paper, go to: