The Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2024 Graduate Development Program is now open.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) says it is seeking applications from all disciplines, with a focus this year on recent graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

MDBA chief Andrew McConville says it is an exciting time to be joining the organisation.

“It’s our job to gather the best evidence base and advice to support decisions about sustainable water management at the Basin-scale,” Mr McConville said.

“With so much on the horizon, recent graduates who are accepted into the program have an opportunity to be part of the teams delivering important and engaging work in the national interest, including the 2026 Basin Plan Review. 

“We’re looking for people who share our passion for natural resource management, science and the environment, including those with a desire to live and work in a Basin community.

“During the program, graduates undertake formal and on-the-job training, plus development activities designed to prepare them for career progression. This great program has seen all the MDBA graduates over the past 3 years stay on with the agency.” 

At the strategic level, the program broadens graduates’ understanding of Australian Government water policy, the agency’s corporate context, and the Australian Public Service generally.

At the operational level, graduates could be knee deep checking river health, learning from First Nations people, interpreting water data, assisting with information gathering or helping to organise listening tours.

As part of the 11-month program, graduates will have 3 rotations across different program areas to gain a broader understanding of the Murray-Darling Basin and to build networks.

The MDBA strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and offers an Indigenous Affirmative Measure recruitment process.

This process provides a valuable opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to use their knowledge, insights and capabilities to contribute to the important work that we do to achieve a healthy working Basin.

“We are an organisation committed to better reflecting the diversity of the Australian community and are pleased to have graduate positions available in 2024 under this important Affirmative Measure,” said Mr McConville.

More details are accessible here.