The Federal Government has announced a $12.4 million program to improve the quality of university training and preparation for future maths and science pedagogues.

The literally named Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers program will aim to boost the effectiveness of science and maths training by better preparing graduate teachers for the classroom.

We know that teaching quality plays a key role in keeping students engaged so we need to ensure teaching graduates have the skills they need to make maths and science more interesting for their students,” Federal Minister for Science Chris Bowen said.

“This program will help school teachers to inspire and encourage more young Australians to pursue careers in fields such as engineering, technology, mathematics and science by providing them with rewarding study experiences during their school years.”

School Education Minister Peter Garrett said international test results from 2012 confirmed Australian students can do a lot better in maths and science.

“For Australia to remain competitive in the Asian century we need young people who are encouraged to pursue careers in these vital fields,” he said.

“That starts in the classroom by giving maths and science teachers the skills they need to inspire the next generation of scientists and mathematicians.”

The Government will invest $12.4 million over three years from 2014-16 to enable faculties of mathematics, science and education across universities to collaborate on course design and delivery.