The Federal Government has launched four new teaching units to help students across the country learn about the importance of water.


The four units aligned to the Australian Curriculum allow students to explore four key regions in Australia: the Murray-Darling Basin, Northern Australia and the Wet Tropics, the Lake Eyre Basin, and the Great Artesian Basin.


Federal Water Minister Tony Burke said the teaching resources explore how natural water systems function, the ways we use water and sustainable water management practices.


“Understanding Australia’s water challenges is the first step to sustainable water management and better balancing the water needs of our communities, farmers and the environment,“ Mr Burke said.


“With lessons ranging from the value of agriculture in the Murray-Darling Basin to the feasibility of moving water long distances across our country, these resources offer a practical approach to science and geography.


“The science and geography resources have been developed as an online resource to complement the digital education revolution.


“The lesson plans make use of new classroom technologies, including interactive whiteboards and high-speed internet connections.”


The resources in the Water Education Toolkit and the new Australian Water Education Teaching Units are free to access and use.


The teaching units can be accessed on the department’s website