A number of top executives from the nation’s business, unions and research community have been appointed to the Australian Government’s Services Leaders Group, with the mandate to provide expert advice on enhancing the international competitiveness of Australia’s services sector.

Led by chair Andrew Stevens, IBM's Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, the Services Leaders Group is a major initaitve under the recent announced $1 billion Plan for Australian Jobs.

Announcing Mr Stevens' appointment, the Minister for Climate Change, Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, said that he would bring his considerable experience in international business and ICT leadership to the Group.

"Mr Stevens' influence extends beyond the ICT sector, through his role as chair of the Business Council of Australia's Innovation Task Force. He believes passionately in the need for enterprises to embrace the transformational effects of digital technology to improve Australia's international competitiveness," Mr Combet said.

"The Services Leaders Group has an important role to play in defining the business and regulatory environment that is needed to create a thriving Australian knowledge economy. I look forward to contributing further to the advancement of Australia's services sector, which is critical to our future prosperity," Mr Stevens said.

Mr Stevens will be supported by the group's deputy chair Leon Carter, National Secretary of the Finance Sector Union of Australia.

"Mr Carter will provide a focus on high performance workplace culture and on opportunities to capitalise on the growth of economies in the Asian region," Mr Combet said.

Both Mr Stevens and Mr Carter will be joined by senior representatives from the information and communication technology, finance and professional services sectors.

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