The Queensland government has missed the deadline for signing on to Gonski reforms, but now says it would be willing to accept the eleventh-hour deal struck with Victoria which has seen the southern state accept the funding reforms.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced the successful inclusion of Victoria in the plan almost a week ago, with terms that will see the state receive an extra $12.2 billion over six years, with the federal government chipping in $6.8 billion.

“If the Commonwealth government offers the same deal to Queensland, we're happy to sign up,” Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek said this week, adding the entreative; “we’ve been very strong about saying we run our system, we’re putting in $1.8 billion over the next six years, please acknowledge that and we’re happy to do a deal.”

Education Minister Bill Shorten’s spokesperson indicated Queensland would need to contribute more, saying: “The Queensland government must demonstrate their intention to contribute 3 per cent growth from 2015 onwards.”

Meanwhile in Western Australia, an education researcher has recommended funding reforms to the state’s school system, reforms which are conspicuously in line with the Gonski plan, to which all states other than WA and Queensland have now signed on.