Geoscience Australia has released a new strategy to help Australian industries use satellite data.

The experts worked with 500 stakeholders on the development of the industry strategy for the Digital Earth Australia (DEA) program.

Geoscience Australia’s Trent Kershaw says understanding the needs of different industry sectors is key to unlocking the full economic and social potential of satellite data and imagery in Australia.

“We want industry to understand and use the DEA products and services, and to help drive the future of DEA investment,” he said.

“Our new strategy will focus on data and technology, education and training, and awareness.

“As part of the new strategy, a small-scale, targeted incubator program called ‘DEA Labs’ has been developed to help Australian businesses use satellite data and DEA technologies to solve real-world problems,” Mr Kershaw said.

DEA labs is designed to accelerate adoption of Earth Observation (EO) and DEA technologies by providing support and funding to develop services and solutions faced by Australian businesses collaboratively.

The DEA program is an Australian Government investment implemented by Geoscience Australia focused on increasing the utilisation of EO data across Australia.

In May 2018, the Australian Government announced ongoing funding of approximately $13 million a year for the DEA program.

More information is available here.