The Federal Government has urged the New South Wales and Victorian Governments to ‘see sense’ and provide transport concessions for their international students.


The push by the Federal Government comes after the release of a new survey by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) that found international students are shunning Victoria and NSW as study destinates due to the lack of travel concessions.


“Of the 2,036 students surveyed, 1,998 are studying in NSW or Victoria, where international students are not entitled to receive concessional fares on public transport,” Senator Evans said.
“Of this cohort, 89.5% of students said the lack of concessions meant they would recommend family or friends choose an alternative study destination.”
Senator Evans said the survey was a wakeup call to the Victorian and NSW governments which have responsibility for travel concessions for international students.
“All other states and territories have seen the benefits of extending transport concessions to international students,” he said.
“International student concerns over the lack of nationally consistent transport concession arrangements have been brought to the Australian Government attention through the International Student Roundtable held in August 2011,” Senator Evans said.
“Standard concessions for international students would improve the marketability and competition of the Australian education sector and contribute to a safe and high quality study and life experience for every international student, regardless of where they choose to study.”