The Federal Government has released more figures for funding allocations under national education reforms, this time covering payouts for Queensland.

The figures say over six years the Government will give out a boost of around $3.3 billion for public schools and $500 million for non-government. There is however a catch for the big spend in Queensland, the Federal Government still needs Premier Campbell Newman to sign up for the School Improvement plan by the deadline on June 30. Newman’s has previously been reticent to get on board, the figures now out from the Federal Government show time is running out.

The Prime Minister has accused Newman of “playing politics” with children’s’ futures, the QLD Premier says he won’t be bullied by Labor.

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan is visiting a school in Brisbane today to talk about the reforms, strategically picking a non-government site to avoid a ban on politicking in state schools. Proposed funding figures are available on the Department of Education website.