WA’s corruption watchdog has been called on to investigate a ‘cover-up culture’ at Curtin University.

Whistleblowers have accused Curtin’s Integrity and Standards Unit (ISU) of failing to act on complaints about alleged rorts involving funds, PhDs, student visas and promotions.

Reports say Curtin has referred the allegations to the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC).

“Whilst Curtin University has confidence in its rigorous integrity processes and we believe that these allegations have been considered appropriately, as the complainant was still not satisfied, we have now referred the matter to the CCC for their consideration and advice,” a spokesperson said.

Some of the allegations relate to a group of WA School of Mines (WASM) professors, who it is claimed have shown “bias in hiring based upon ethnicity and personal views unrelated to the position”, and “favouritism” in sponsoring permanent residency.

“Unethical exploitation of the Fair Work system has become a key mechanism of manipulation and control by the crony culture to kill the careers of many of our brightest people who could be so productive otherwise,” one whistleblower said in an email.

More details are available here.