Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young has announced the appointment of 13 new Public Policy Fellows from around the University.


He said the new Fellows brought wealth of public policy expertise to the table.


“The Public Policy Fellows program acknowledges people who are making significant contributions to public debate in areas as diverse as the economics of water, higher education and Asia-Pacific cooperation, human rights law, epidemiology and population health, and translation psychiatry,” he said.


“The program highlights the depth and breadth of expertise across the University and beyond, on matters of considerable public importance.”


The new Fellows include Professor Gabriele Bammer, Professor Emily Banks, Professor Alison Booth, Professor Bruce Chapman, Professor Helen Christensen, Professor Peter Drysdale, Professor, Quentin Grafton, Professor Shirley Gregor, Professor Kathy Griffiths, Professor Penelope Mathew, Professor Kim Rubenstein, Professor Veronica Taylor and Professor Margaret Thornton.