Experts say Australia is in a STEM teaching crisis.

The Food Safety Information Council has some tips for keeping democracy sausages safe this weekend.

A dedicated electoral roll has opened for Aboriginal Victorians to help guide future treaty negotiations.

Friday is Australia’s first Do It For Dolly Day – a new anti-bullying awareness scheme.

Research suggests teaching circus skills can deliver significant mental health benefits for Australian children.

Eighteen people have been charged over a fake daycare scam in NSW.

Tasmanian teachers could be the first to end a year-long stalemate with the Tasmanian Government over pay and conditions.

A new assessment of global biodiversity paints a gloomy picture of the accelerating decline of life on Earth.

Reports this week show academics in despair over international students struggling to pass courses.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) has wiped a $4,000 Centrelink ‘robo-debt’ just before a legal challenge.

The Bureau of Meteorology is working to revolutionise weather forecasting in WA.

A 160,000-year-old jawbone found in a Tibetan cave shows one of our ancestors travelled much further than we thought.

Research suggests drug detection dogs increase the risk of unsafe drug practices.

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