An analysis of wastewater has revealed socioeconomic links to diet and drug consumption.

Australia’s top universities could be helping develop mass surveillance and military technologies for China.

Queensland researchers have devised a new experiment linking an Einstein-devised paradox to quantum mechanics.

The Victorian Government has admitted Fujitsu pulled out of its Latrobe hi-tech education precinct project before last year's state election.

Experts say liquid metal catalysts could be key to capturing carbon and cleaning up pollutants, and they can even be created in the kitchen.

The Nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to three scientists for their work in developing lithium-ion batteries.

Negative reinforcement appears to be a better way to teach bees mathematics.

Some outstanding Australians have been recognised for contributions to science.

Controversy has erupted over the awarding of this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Sun Smart program which told us all to Slip, Slop, Slap to reduce the rates of skin cancer, seems to have worked.

Teachers are being offered a $50,000 cash incentive to work at Victoria's toughest schools.

Thousands of protesters are disrupting major cities for two weeks of Extinction Rebellion protests.

Australian researchers have revealed the cannibalistic past of Andromeda, our nearest large galaxy.

Three scientists have been jointly awarded a Nobel Prize for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to different oxygen levels.

School-based sex education programs may not be keeping up with technology, experts say.

Details have been revealed about a highly sophisticated cyber attack on the ANU.

Experts have slammed the Federal Government’s plan to drug test welfare recipients.

Mental illness costs the Australian economy $60 billion a year, stats show.

Hundreds of sites including churches, schools and community groups have now joined the national redress scheme for victims of child sex abuse.

Legal Aid NSW wants to increase access to justice for Aboriginal people.

Scientists have challenged one of the great mysteries of physics with an experiment in space.

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