Scientists have taken memories from one sea snail and injected them into another.

Scientists have built a computer system modelled on the human brain, which learned to navigate like a mammal.

Swiss researchers say they improved the method for training brain-computer interfaces.

A global army of video-gamers has helped test the laws of quantum physics.

This week’s Federal Budget includes a number of education measures.

An inquiry has been launched into concerns that a Chinese program in NSW schools could expose students to propaganda.

The Federal Budget has made the school chaplains program permanent.

This week’s federal Budget includes a range of funding for universities and research infrastructure.

CSIRO has released an app to remind people to eat their vegetables.

Advocates say an alarming number of children are going to emergency departments due to a mental health crisis.

NASA has launched a robotic geologist on its way to Mars.

A common ingredient in fertiliser appears to share some characteristics with mysterious ‘time crystals’.

New South Wales has called for NAPLAN testing to be scrapped.

The Federal Government is providing a $50 million boost to Australia's budding space industry.

The Federal Government’s remote work-for-the-dole scheme has been labelled ineffective and potentially harmful.

A leading economist says fixing the “unnecessarily cruel” dole system is a more important than budget repair.

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