The English Football Association wants an investigation into links between former players and dementia.

Health unions say staff cuts are putting medical students at risk.

The ethical debate about human genetic engineering has increased in pitch, with the publication of a new human embryo–editing paper.

The Federal Government is looking at an overhaul of university entry scores.

Media investigations suggest the Federal Government could write off billions of dollars of higher education loans.

Leaked emails have caused outrage among CSIRO workers this week.

Biologists say an unlikely event from literary history could actually have happened.

Tasmania's submission to a federal inquiry on school funding has been criticised as inadequate by the education union.

Experts say ritual human sacrifice may have been key to keeping power in ancient communities.

Engineers have taken over the mind of beetle and made it move to their will.

Research has revealed the epigenetic effect of a mother’s smoking on their unborn child.

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