The Federal Government is moving three Canberra-based research agencies to regional Australia.

As people continue to quaff high levels of caffeine-filled energy drinks, experts are looking at what the effect might be.

The NSW Government has been accused of wasting millions on a faulty TAFE IT system.

There is a lot of concern about the future of Australian science and technology, with hundreds of jobs cut from the leading government organisation.

A new study says effective childcare reform could add tens of thousands to the workforce and bring a multi-billion-dollar economic boost.

‘Helicopter parents’ could actually be hindering their child’s development by becoming too heavily involved, a new study says.

The Federal Government could face a few challenges in its attempt to take over TAFE funding from the states.

Aboriginal parents, students and educators want a consistent school funding model that actually delivers benefits.

Regulators in the UK have approved genetic experiments on human embryos – the latest step in better understanding and controlling reproduction.

Australian medical experts are working on a vaccine for Zika virus, as cases continue to rise.

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