A research balloon the size of a stadium has turned up on a property near Muttaburra in central Queensland.

Research money has been re-jigged in the latest federal budget.

An Australian researcher says the idea of the household pet could undergo a big tech upgrade.

A new guide has rated Australian universities for their acceptance and inclusiveness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) students.

A $10,000 grant has given disabled students in Darwin a new window on the world, and new opportunities to learn.

When modifying behaviour, researchers have investigated whether the carrot or the stick is a better tool.

The Fair Work Commission has found that the sacking of teacher who sticky-taped troublesome students to their chairs was “harsh”.

Victoria’s new Labor government has unveiled its first budget, spending big on schools and trains, but scandals in the education sector raise questions over how the money will be spent.

Canberra teachers could be awarded a 12 per cent four year pay rise and 20 hours less work per year, with a new deal now on the table.

An Australian academic says businesses still prize humanities graduates when looking for new employees, even when their studies have nothing to do with the job.

The Federal Government says a new $200 million annual investment will improve the state of Australia’s apprenticeship system.

HECS will soon be collected from Australians living overseas.

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