A video game study could show how the human brain justifies murder.

New research shows attending a private school has very little bearing on a student’s results.

A new Chamber of Commerce has been set up to represent more than 2,000 Indigenous businesses and employers.

The Federal Government is making it harder for parents to put kids at risk by choosing not to vaccinate them.

Neurological studies have shown some key elements in the early development of autism.

New research suggests there could be a genetic basis for some kids’ inability to pay attention at school.

Some obvious concerns have been raised about DIY electrical brain stimulation kits, which are growing in popularity due to claims that they enhance mental performance.

Media investigations suggest that the heads of Australian universities are pocketing some serious salaries, crying poor while taking more for themselves.

Despite the charitable nature of volunteering, a new study has found one in three volunteers can experience workplace bullying.

The brontosaurus is back - revived after years spent wandering the taxonomic wilderness.

Coca-Cola has launched a new soft drink in Australia – the green-labelled Coca-Cola Life – but researchers say it is probably better for Coke’s bottom line than its consumer’s health.

New rules mean immediate fines will be handed to Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) who breach national standards.

New research shows school gardens can have a positive effect on children’s health, and the environment as well.

The date has been set for corruption commission hearings over an alleged Victorian education fraud ring.

Australia’s chief scientist has launched a teaching academy dedicated to excellence and innovation in the teaching of mathematics, science and technology.

Tasmania's Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff says there will be no new budget cuts to schools.

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