A building at a leading Melbourne university campus has been renamed in honour of education leader Professor Leo Foster.

The University of Newcastle is getting serious with its plans for a new inner-city campus.

Teachers are considering industrial action on Papua New Guinea, with reports that their wages have been woefully underpaid.

Thousands of union workers and supporters have descended to the streets of Melbourne to voice their outrage at what they see as a heavy-handed federal budget.

A potentially revolutionary water saving device has seen three Australian students represent at a global engineering competition in Amsterdam.

New research shows that rats feel regret, a cognitive behaviour once thought to be uniquely human.

Adding to the sense that many Australians are not doing it as tough as the Federal Government insists, a survey has shown that many would be willing to pay more tax in exchange for better services.

Research has shed some light on the way children learn to communicate, and may suggest that the youngest speakers have informed language itself.

Melbourne University says it must cut 540 jobs to stay competitive, but unions warn the move will do the opposite.

More voices have added to the furore over changes to lift university fee arrangements.

A vital program is being rolled-out across Victorian schools to reduce the rate of the highest cause of death among students.

Future teachers in New South Wales will have to pass a literacy and numeracy test before they head back into the classroom.

All parents have faced the requests that come from children in the aisles of the supermarket, but a new study say Australian parents are better at resisting these demands than those in other countries.

Australians love science and technology, but do not really know what it’s all about – according to a new report.

Water is a frequent topic of discussion in rural regions, but it will soon be brought up in a way not many would expect.

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