A push is on to take a 0.05 per cent tax from big financial transactions instead of levying GST across the board.

An Australian National University (ANU) Nobel Prize laureate has added to his list of accolades, as part of a team awarded one of the science world's most highly valued prizes.

Once again, some of the world’s smallest nations (also those under most threat from a shifting climate) are rallying together to save their land.

New revelations have woken up debate over a former Victorian Labor government's IT project, with reports that education department officials had shares in and even took jobs with the company given a $60 million government contract.

Engineering giant Bechtel has made one of the biggest single intakes of apprentices in the Australian history, signing up hundreds of new workers across three liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.

Raspberry has released a new version of the Pi computer – a tiny credit card-sized Linux PC that costs less than $25.

A new study has for the first time shown an association between children’s grasp of musical rhythm and grammar.

The UK could be heading for the same science-sceptical funding arrangements that have taken over the Australian Government.

The Education Minister has given a nod of approval to the Australian Institute for Teaching School Leadership’s (AITSL) ambitious plans for 2015.

Queensland’s Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) has received top marks on a project that gives young PhD students a taste of life as a researcher.

The Federal Government has poured almost $100 million into Australian research, giving $30 million for university infrastructure and $70 million for 200 new research projects.

The delicate dance of two photons has allowed researchers to clear one more hurdle on the long path to the quantum-computing future.

Milk is good for growing bones – or so the old adage goes, but new research suggests this is probably not true.

The Australian Government wants experts and insiders to inform the future of its vocational training subsidies.

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