An archaeological dig has begun in Queensland, but it is a different kind to the sort usually seen in the fossil-heavy state.

Researchers say Australia’s most important commodity is also one of the least talked-about, despite lives being on the line.

The 2014 Shonky Awards for poor corporate practice have been handed-out, shining a light on shonkiness in industries from biscuits to banking.

Archaeologists have found what could be the world’s oldest artwork.

Australia could have much to learn from reforms to New Zealand’s higher education sector.

One of Australia’s least-recognised national assets is gaining a big reputation on the cutting edge of international science.

Ten million dollars worth of new facilities can now respond to the specific needs of one remote community.

The gender pay gap is smaller at corporations where the CEO has a daughter, so a new campaign has been launched to get more daughters for executives.

A new report says that conversation can save lives.

Students are working on a range of exciting and mildly concerning robots, many of which have been on show in Europe.

A storm of internet activism is rising against the Australian Government’s attempt to force the mandatory retention of telecoms data.

Australia’s massive archive of historic and contemporary recordings is celebrating its birthday, and has posted its greatest hits online to mark the occasion.

Grants for the 20 Million Trees Programme are now available to community and environment groups, schools and any others who want to help native plant species.

Two days after they were released, there are some very different readings being made of Australia’s moves on world university rankings.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” - an old adage reinforced almost daily, but does the tendency for the vile to get ahead really exist?

A Liberal senator has described his view of Aboriginal needs, amid job cuts and lost morale within the department meant to help.

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