New data suggests more Australian students are signing up for full-time vocational education and skills training.

Victorian TAFEs, universities and private training facilities can sign up for a $15,000 federal grant, provided to help companies solve current business challenges using the design-led thinking.

The Australian construction industry may be facing a critical shortage of surveyors, with skilled workers retiring at a faster rate than new ones are being trained.

A principal in Western Australia is facing court on charges he burned down a school and the building that replaced it, in order to cover up a range of credit card frauds and thefts.

A recent study has shown the practice of posting school results to an online database for comparison may not actually improve academic performance.

Independent school authorities have come out in support of the Federal Government’s Gonski reforms, after ironing out some concerns they had in meetings with Education Minister Bill Shorten.

The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory says he is holding out for an education deal that will not push the Territory further into debt.

A major Australian advertising firm has questioned the overly-studious approach of many young people.

Tasmania has signed on to the Federal Government’s national schools funding plan, leading to an announcement that the deal is past its tipping point and remaining states should get on board.

Engineers Australia has joined a growing group of professional bodies in opposition to the government’s proposal to cap tax deductions on work-related education expenses to $2,000.

Some major engineering companies have put on an event in Tasmania to get high-schoolers excited about a future in engineering.

A series of University talks from prominent leaders of various industries has been one of the highlights of the year for many students. World champion yachtsman, businessman, philanthropist and Monash University alumnus, John Bertrand will lead the high-powered gatherings to discuss the essence of great leadership this month.

A forum has been announced that will explore some groundbreaking ideas in neuroscience and education.

Some Tasmanian schools have resorted to massages to calm crazed students.

Students from across the faculties were drawn to an inside look into the world of international diplomacy this week, as former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Consuls General Niels Marquardt (from the US) and Nick McInnes (British) spoke at the University Diplomacy Conference at the University of New South Wales.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has extended the deadline for states to sign on for national education funding reforms, some states are using the time to voice concerns with the overhauled policies.

Some schools have considered banning Rugby League from the playground if the NRL refuses to toughen up on on-field violence.

Researchers have found positive economic growth does not equal a happy population.

A presentation at the University of Sydney today will discuss NAPLAN and other broad-spectrum testing measures, discussing their purpose, efficacy and foibles.

A program at the University of Melbourne is seeking to foster the next generation of ambitious Australian entrepreneurs.

Researchers have found the Great Barrier Reef could be all but gone within 100 years if nothing is done about the damaging carbon dioxide levels.

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