An astral drive-by has provided new footage of something we all take for granted – the orbit of the moon around Earth.

One university is taking a high-tech and democratic approach to biosecurity research, with the launch of a smartphone app to let citizen-scientists help stamp out tree disease.

David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Abraham Lincoln and Leonardo da Vinci would not have been any less talented if they had been born right-handed, according to new research from two Australian universities.

A new study has shown the compounding risks for young people in trouble with the law.

A recent survey has shown a high level of workplace abuse and bullying in the Victorian Education Department.

There has been some word on the public-private arrangement planned for the new $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Crossroads are common on the path of life and everyone has different motivations for the direction they choose, but a new study suggests many of our choices are made by random fluctuations in the brain.

Everybody knows someone with the memory of a goldfish or the grace of a boar, but it is important to note that we are animals too – and for the most part not that much smarter than our biological neighbours.

Some people are capable of incredible feats of perseverance and motivations, while others give up as soon as the going looks tough – but what if a switch in the brain could be flipped, causing an individual to anticipate a challenge and possess a strong motivation to overcome it.

One of the oldest challenges in the teaching profession is keeping students interested in maths and science - this is as true in Australian schools as it is in German ones, according to researchers in a new study aimed at boosting kids’ interest in the art of arithmetic.

Schools today are quick to roll-out the tablet PCs in the hope of finding a key to unlock new levels of interest and engagement, but a new study has asked whether the push for hand-held tech in the classroom is a help or hindrance.

Australia will see its first ever Government-sanctioned same-sex marriages this weekend, but they could also be the last if the Federal Government has its way.

New South Wales teachers have voted strongly in favour of a new performance-based pay deal which will see the most prime pedagogues paid six-figure salaries.

In a world bathed in perpetual darkness, a recent study has found tiny communities bursting with vitality.

Most modern humans arrange their homes just the way they like them, and new research suggests Neanderthals did the same thing.

Australia’s consumer watchdog has barked-down claims about the alleged danger of nano-materials in sunscreen.

The excellent efforts of a team of first-year engineers have been rewarded, celebrating the creative solutions to real-world problems that young minds can produce.

The number of Australian teens using their smartphones to access the internet has shot up over the last few years, but unfortunately so has the rate at which embarrassing photos and videos are ending up online.

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