Research has shown part of the reason many cannot get on board with the need to fight climate change, suggesting the impacts could be too far off to think about.

For a long time, Australian Aboriginal cultures were thought to have sole-dominion over the secrets of setting fire to the land they hunt, but scientists are now finding the ancient wisdom with a modern lens.

The Australian Government is urging residents across the nation to immerse themselves in National Water Week, and be inundated with a greater appreciation of water-related issues.

A new climate research college has opened in Australia, seeking to pick up the slack as climate science is cut in other areas.

Recent findings have added to a growing tide of information showing the contribution of women throughout human history, by showing that some of the first artists were female.

Some of the projects displayed at the University of Melbourne’s Endeavour Design Expo could soon change the face of robotics, medicine, or many other industries.

The Australian Indigenous Education Fund (AIEF) will receive a $10 million donation from mining giant BHP Billiton, which has given millions before and intends to continue doing so.

Importing an American tradition involving the consumption of vast amounts of junk food could lead Australian children down the dangerous path to poor health, the Medical Journal of Australia says.

A report has had a new look at the rates of sexually transmissible and blood-borne infection in Australia, showing an increase in HIV diagnoses among other findings.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) says a lack of government support in Victoria is leaving many staff inundated with extra work and associated stress.

There may never be enough teachers to give every student that best education they can get, but new statistics show many areas are so severely lacking that learning has all but dried up.

A study by Deakin University has shown that parents may be the key to cutting teenage binge drinking.

The notion that all good days start with a good breakfast remains as true as ever, but unfortunately many schools are having to step in to kick-start their students' day.

Reports have emerged praising the streamlining and cost-cutting possibilities of cloud computing facilities for government sectors, with results in Britain showing the public sector can reach efficiency goals through better software.

As you may or may not have noticed, icicles have ripples of exactly the same wavelength no matter how big they get. Scientists are now trying to work out why.

A professor from Flinders University has written about Australia’s strong history of multiculturalism, saying that it is part of the national tradition and should be treated as such.

An Australian research group has been empowering women to a prosperous future through education and training all over the planet.

An Australian Company is looking to fill the skies with drones, but not the nasty kind - the kind that delivers knowledge-bombs in the form of textbooks.

A mining billionaire has made the biggest single philanthropic donation in Australian history – giving $65 million to higher education in Western Australia.

A Monash University expert has questioned the place of digital technology for higher education, finding that sometimes the old way is still the best for students and teachers.

A key educational authority at UNSW has been awarded for her contributions to domestic and international education.

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