Intergenerational welfare recipients are nearly three times as likely to be hospitalised, according to a recent study. 

South Australian researchers say Australians receiving government welfare whose parents also received welfare are almost three times as likely to end up in the hospital than those with no contact with welfare services.

The team used deidentified Centrelink data to measure hospitalisation rates among 'intergenerational welfare' recipients, those receiving low-income, unemployment, disability or carer payments whose parents also received one of these payments. 

'Intergenerational' welfare recipients had the highest hospitalisation rate followed by welfare recipients whose parents did not receive welfare. 

The rate was lower again for those who did not receive welfare but their parents did, and the lowest for those with no welfare contact in either generation. 

Injuries, mental health and pregnancy were the major reasons for hospitalisation, the researchers say.

The study is accessible here.