Teachers working in remote areas can now have their HECS debt waived. 

A new initiative was passed by Scott Morrison's government in 2019 that sees any teachers willing to make the move to remote areas - and stay for four years - able to apply to have their HECS debts waived.

From this year, teachers will be eligible to access the scheme, as they needed to have taught remotely for four years since 2019.

The scheme covers schools considered to be "Very Remote" by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Education minister Jason Clare says the waiver applies to staff at around 300 primary and high schools across the country, as well as about 150 preschools and day-care centres.

“Whatever HECS you have owing, if you work in a remote country town for four years, then we'll scrap that debt,” he said this week.

“If it works, if it has the impact that we want it to have and if it encourages more teachers to head to more remote schools, then I'm happy to look at how we might be able to expand this.”