Teachers in every Australian school will have a yearly performance assessment which will include classroom observation and evidence of student outcomes, under proposals released for consultation today. 


The draft Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework, developed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), proposes that teachers set performance goals every year and demonstrate how those goals have been met. 


School Education Minister Peter Garrett said the final framework will be implemented in Australian schools from 2013. 


“Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the country. It’s vital that our teachers have the opportunity to both demonstrate their skills and improve their classroom practice through regular and effective feedback, professional growth and development, and performance assessment, but until now this has not been consistently occurring in our schools,” he said. 


“The draft framework will provide the first national set of guidelines for performance assessments for the teaching profession. Teachers will have a clear understanding of what they will be expected to achieve every year, and a clear understanding of how their performance will be measured. 


“This will allow our many terrific teachers to demonstrate how well they are performing and the positive results they are producing, while also providing opportunities to improve their skills where needed.” 


Under the draft framework, every teacher will have a set of documented, measurable and specific goals for the year, which will be agreed with their school principal or a delegate. 


Teachers will be able to collect evidence that they are achieving their objectives. This could include improved student results; feedback from students, parents, and their peers or supervisor; and direct observation of their classroom teaching. 


Every teacher will receive a formal review of their performance each year by their principal or delegate, as well as regular informal and constructive feedback and support throughout the year.