The human brain is a majestic and mysterious thing, about which we still know very little.

But advanced techniques and research projects around the world are pulling apart the near infinitely complex organ, making new discoveries almost every day in the quest to find out what makes us tick.

Already myths like the right brain/left brain hierarchy – and many others - have been proven false, and with mind-bending research efforts like the BRAIN Initiative underway internationally and in Australia, exciting finds are set to increase.

To mark how far our understanding of the brain has come, New York-based film director Francesco Paciocco has made a ten minute roundup called Master/Mind.

The film provides a whistle-stop tour of the state brain science, covering everything from the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases and brain-computer interfaces, to deep mapping of the brain’s connections, and even the ethics of tampering with them.

It features researchers at the top of their field from institutions including the Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Stanford and Max Planck Institute.

Have a look at the mind-boggling field of neuroscience below.


Master/Mind from Francesco Paciocco on Vimeo.