More than 100 scientists and policymakers have met in Canberra to discuss burning issues in Australian science and technology.

Experts are meeting with politicians to will discuss why evidence, research, and reason lead to the best policy outcomes.

This year’s Science meets Policymakers focuses on two issues in particular – a plan for the future of Australian science and innovation; and how to best bring together technology and economics to improve planning for the natural environment.

Experts in policy, science, and technology are constantly tossing around solutions in these two critical areas, especially those working on the 2030 Strategic Plan for the Australian Innovation, Science and Research System, and Australian environmental policies.

 “We’ve given Canberra’s collective brain-power a significant boost today: we’re proud to bring Australia’s best policymakers together with some of the brightest scientific minds,” CEO of Science & Technology Australia, Kylie Walker.

“By bringing together leaders from government, and science and technology, we hope to move forward important areas of policy-making for Australia’s future, as well as spark new networks and relationships which will make it easier for those creating policy to access the evidence they need.”

Ms Walker said science and technology play an important part in defining problems, measuring their impact, and proposing solutions to address them, while great policy finds ways to integrate these solutions into society.

“The more science and technology can play a part in the way we address some of the biggest problems in our community, the stronger and more effective federal policy will be.

“We’re also pleased to have an environmental management focus ahead of National Science Week, which has ‘Future Earth’ as its theme.”