The most recent statistics published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows an overall drop in the total number of schools in Australia by 132 over the recent decade.


The ABS report finds that the total number of government schools has dropped by 223 from 6,966 in 2000 to  6,743 in 2010.


While the public education system has experienced a decline in the number of schools, private schools have risen from 1,617 to 1,708, recording an increase of 91 nationwide.


Victoria has posted the largest decrease in school numbers, recording a drop of a total of 81 government schools while also reporting an increase of 8 in private school numbers.


Western Australia and the Northern Territory have bucked the trend by reporting an increase of 22 and 6 schools respectively over the same timeframe.


Queensland has also reported an increase of both Catholic and non-government schools by 20 and 26 respectively.


The drop in the total number of schools also includes school amalgamations, involving two schools becoming two separate campuses.