The Queensland Government has announced the first Government schools to become newly designated Independent Public Schools in 2013.


State Minister for Education, John-Paul Langbroek,  announced the 26 schools that were ‘making history’ as the state’s first Independent Public Schools.


Mr Langbroek said the new schooling system would give the selected schools greater autonomy in their decision making, cutting of red tape and removing layers of management.


“This is a massive step forward for these schools that will now have more control over local decisions to help them shape their future and improve student outcomes,” Mr Langbroek said.


The 26 schools were selected from 30 applicants and represent primary, secondary and special schools in both metropolitan and regional areas.


Mr Langbroek said the Department would work with the schools to ensure they were fully supported through this process. 

“Independent Public Schools will have the freedom to directly recruit teachers and to build a team that is able to deliver innovative educational practices and have more autonomy to manage infrastructure and financial resources,” he said. 

“We’ve done our homework and borrowed from the best examples of autonomous schools across Australia and in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, the US and the UK.” 

Mr Langbroek said each school would receive $50,000 to assist with the change and an extra $50,000 in funding each year for administrative purposes.


He said the program would be extended to 120 schools over the next four years.