South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill says Labor has its eyes on the Adelaide seat held by Education Minister Christopher Pyne, and will make a serious play for it at the next federal election.

Weatherill has fired opening salvos in an attempt to rile Pyne, claiming Labor will target the Sturt MP for not standing up for the state.

The SA Premier said in an interview on ABC Radio that Pyne and other marginal Liberal MPs failed to fight a federal budget that offered no extra money for infrastructure spending.

“We're going to target Christopher Pyne in the next federal election and we're going to take his seat off him,” Weatherill told reporters.

“We're going to target every one of those Liberal marginal seat MPs because they have been pathetic in standing up and fighting for South Australia.

“That will concentrate their minds and they might find their voice.”

Pyne said the voters in his electorate would decide, but he is confident he will be their choice.

“I've won eight elections and almost every election the Labor Party says they're going to take the seat off me,” he said.

“They haven't won it yet.”

Returning fire, Pyne described Weatherill and SA Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis as operating “like a political bikie gang”.