Prime Minister Scott Morrison will slam the “indulgent and selfish” practice of people boycotting companies connected to companies and industries they are opposed to.

Australian businesses are under pressure from environmental groups to stop providing services like banking, insurance and consulting to coal mining companies.

Mr Morrison says so-called “secondary boycotts” can hurt the Australian economy.

“Environmental groups are targeting businesses and firms who provide goods or services to firms they don't like, especially in the resources sector,” he reportedly said in a speech to the Queensland Resources Council.

“They are targeting businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, like contracting businesses in regional Queensland.

“It is a potentially more insidious threat to the Queensland economy and jobs and living standards than a street protest.

“There are two inevitable outcomes … Australian business does less business … and Australian business is forced to acquire goods or services from an alternative or overseas supplier at a higher price.”

While conceding that the Government cannot force one company to provide services to another, it will seek to protect sectors that have a significant carbon footprint — including gas projects, abattoirs, airlines and the sugar cane industry.

“Let me assure you this is not something my Government intends to allow to go unchecked,” Mr Morrison’s speech said.

“Together with the Attorney-General, we are working to identify mechanisms that can successfully outlaw these indulgent and selfish practices that threaten the livelihoods of fellow Australians, especially in rural and regional areas, and especially here in Queensland.”