The Federal Government has announced the launching of a new online science resource designed the give school science teachers access to cutting each technology information.


The TechNyou program, announced the Federal Innovation Minister Kim Carr at the Conference of Australian Science Teachers, will allow science teachers access information on emergence technologies such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.


"This new TechNyou Education Resource focuses on biotechnologies and nanotechnologies, addressing the new science curriculum with background notes, videos, lesson outlines and classroom activities," Senator Carr said.


"It's been developed by science teachers for science teachers to take over from previous highly successful resources, Biotechnology Online and AccessNano.


"Educators from all states and territories have had input to this resource to make sure it suits teachers' needs and effectively provides them with information they can use in the classroom.


"Nanotechnologies and biotechnologies are rapidly evolving, and have impacts on the environment, human health, consumer products and society; and teachers need up-to-date information that covers this wide range of topics."


Modules in the resource cover topics including:

  • Introduction to biotechnology and nanotechnology
  • Genetically modified foods
  • The use of nanotechnology in drug delivery
  • Social and ethical issues surrounding nanotechnology and biotechnology

"I can't overstate the importance of having a more scientifically literate nation. It allows people to make more informed choices about new technologies and their benefits and risks. People are also less likely to be influenced by those who either over-promise or demonise new technologies," Senator Carr said.


The new resource, funded under the National Enabling Technologies Strategy, is linked to the TechNyou information service ( and will be trialled in several states before further development of a national program.