After three years without, WA has a Commissioner for Children and Young People once again.

The State Government appointed a new permanent commissioner this week -choosing former Education Department executive and school principal Colin Pettit.

The office of Commissioner for Children and Young People became a high profile group due to the persistent efforts of its inaugural commissioner, Michelle Scott.

Since Ms Scott stood down in 2013, acting commissioner Jenni Perkin has filled the role.

Attorney-General Michael Mischin said the new permanent commissioner, Mr Pettit, was recruited from a nation-wide talent pool.

“Mr Pettit brings a significant range of knowledge, skills and experience to the position of commissioner, which is focused on improving the wellbeing of children and young people, particularly Indigenous, vulnerable and disadvantaged children,” he said.

Mr Pettit has been the Tasmanian Secretary of Education for the Department of Education since 2012.