The Federal Government is planning a new My Skills website that will offer information about courses, fees, providers and the quality of training on offer.


My Skills – to be launched later this year – will ensure students and businesses can find the training that is right for them.


Currently, there is no consistent or authoritative source of information on training providers. Different providers have different fees, varying level of student satisfaction and varying success in providing a pathway to employment or further training.


This lack of available data means it can be difficult for an employer or an individual to make an informed choice about which training course is most appropriate for them.


Through My Skills, Australians will be able to research the courses on offer in the VET system by the approximately 5000 registered providers allowing comparisons to be made. 


Over time, the service will cover student fees, the outcomes of satisfaction surveys and greater information at the individual campus or training location level. It will also include information about the availability of student services such as childcare arrangements, as well as links to local employment opportunities.


A new Unique Student Identifier will also be introduced so students will be able to access information about their training record from a single authoritative source.


This will help students keep track of their qualification and training, as they upskill and reskill throughout their career.


It will also give the Government better access to data on where training funds are being spent, boosting accountability and transparency.