The Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV) has announced it will construct a $10 million Master Builders Building Leadership Simulation Centre (BLSC).


Announcing the project, MBAV Executive Director Brain Welch said the project is scheduled for completion by July this year.


“This is a coup for Australia, with Melbourne to be one of only three cities in the world to offer state-of-the-art simulation training in the building and construction industry,” Mr Welch said.


“The BLSC is a totally safe environment where trainees can make mistakes without the risk of project delays, budget overruns or injuries that exist on real building sites,” said Welch.


“As well as impacting workers, delays and accidents cost time and money. Experience in Europe shows that this style of training lifts employee performance, delivering safer, faster and more cost-effective building,” said Welch.

“That is good for our workforce, good for employers and ultimately good for Victoria’s economy.”


The centre will offer specialised courses including advanced OHS, leadership, communication and other skills training.