NSW teachers have called for a re-write of new HSC syllabuses, which they say are “confusing” and contain “serious blunders”.

The syllabuses are due to be finalised in the next few weeks, but will still include some decades-old material.

The Science Teachers Association of New South Wales (STANSW) says there has not been adequate consultation with teachers.

STANSW said the “draft syllabuses will not meet the interests and/or needs of the diversity of students that currently study at least one science course in their preliminary and/or HSC subject selection”, in a statement this week

This will “directly impact on the number of students continuing with Science in Years 11 and 12”, the teacher’s lobby said.

One long-serving chemistry teacher commenting anonymously to the ABC reportedly said she was “flabbergasted that this was the result of many months of work”.

“We rarely get the chance to create a new syllabus and it is disappointing to see the opportunity wasted,” she said.

“The content appears hastily cobbled together.

“Honestly, I feel like it's all gone horribly wrong and they need to start again.”

The head of school at the Sydney private school SCEGGS Darlinghurst, Jenny Allum, said what she had seen of the draft maths syllabuses contained “serious blunders”.

Ms Allum said the outline was “poorly structured, confusing and confused”.

“You wonder how someone could make such a mistake,” she said.

She called for a complete rewrite of the documents.

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) says it is listening to all feedback.

But BOSTES executive director of curriculum, teaching and assessment, Paul Hewitt, says there will not be more consultation.

“I don't accept that there is a need for a total reworking,” he said.

BOSTES claims the issues raised are being addressed.

“We are confident that the final syllabuses will satisfy both the Maths and Science teaching profession,” Mr Hewitt said.