The Federal Government’s myGov online services platform could be up for a major review. 

Federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese and shadow government services minister Bill Shorten have announced plans for a “user audit” of myGov if the ALP wins the upcoming election. 

An audit is needed to find out “how well myGov is performing for its most important stakeholders – the Australian public – when it comes to reliability and functionality for a user-friendly experience,” their announcement said. 

In 2013, myGov was introduced as a one-stop shop for online services. Since then, it has become a target for public outrage and ire, leading to multiple pledges for revamps and improvements. 

Services Australia is meant to be working on a $200 million overhaul of the platform, but this new version remains in beta after two years of work.

Labor says “blind spots and disappointments” remain in the system, and has pledged to launch a user audit to “help identity what changes and improvements are needed”.

“Millions of Australians interact with myGov every day and rely on it to provide essential services,” Mr Albanese said.

“It’s not up to scratch, and Australians deserve better. That’s why we will review myGov, and make improvements where necessary.”

The ALP’s promise included a guarantee to keep myGov user data retained within Australia.